Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Yourself was the only reason
I spoke love to you
And it was your smile
That made me sure.

Now, our alliance is like China
And that’s why I’m full of fear
That something will get broken
Which so fragile here within.

This was the first time around
That my feet touched
On this mossy love forest ground
To those places out of bound.

And when we walk on thorn
I hope we never end in turn
We should speak it out
Cause there is ways to meet.

When sometimes I give you pain
And my mind starts spinning again
Then appears the changing words were taking in
It seems to be perfect seems to win.

And I know the time
To start changing my mind
Then I know you stop to hate me
When I see you smile.

In you I saw the picture we run through
Seems to be perfect seems to be true
And all is quite forever
Especially staying together.

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