Monday, 30 May 2011

My Children Hate Preschool

Now that my children were in the secondary level then I remember those days when in the stage of my children's life it came to their behavior that they do not want to go on preschool. Things which make me think why it happened and when in fact they were able to stop on that year after three months of schooling to the preschool. The year that my children stop going to school means a lot to me as a mother but nothing I could do for I do not want to force them for it would resulted to bad outcome when they will grow up. 

I tried to ponder things, events and classmates that might trigger them to hate to go to preschool. When I gathered the information one by one then I was able to formulate a conclusion why my children abruptly changed from very energetic and enthusiastic to go to school hated to go to school. My children who were all boys and whose age gap was just one year went to preschool together. We send them to school together because they will stay, protect and help each other which probably would lessen their feelings of inferiority or insecurity or being alone. Going together to school means having same classmate, same teacher, same schedule and same foods in the school. They look like a twin for those who doesn't knew them. They are very attentive, very interactive and well-praised in school but in one incident they hated to go back to preschool. 

One Monday morning after the flag ceremony and playground demonstration which is usually the routine in their school, my children’s behavior who is very hyper active try to tease and hit one of their classmates just because of the popsicle. Their classmates saw the incident since it happened outside their classroom. Classmates gathered around them and others shouted help thus teachers come to clear the situations. The teacher just separated them (my children and their classmate) and they just been told that their action was not acceptable. The teacher did not give any punishment towards them but they were informed that what happened would reach to their parents. The teacher called our attention thus we have to come to see the teacher on that same day so that everything will be sorted out. When everything was done we go home talked their unacceptable action and telling them not to do it again for they can have the punishment if it would happened again such as staying at home during the weekend, no swimming or any other extra-curricular activities. 

The next day my children went back to school but I’ve noticed that there is no life on their face. They are seems so quiet and restless when I took them to school. They keep asking me when I am going to fetch them which are very unusual since every day they will tell me that “Mama would you come late in fetching us to school, please” and now the phrase has changed. I thought have I heard it right or I was just having an auditory hallucination? It is very unbelievable behavior that my children possess this time. Are they feel unwell? Or is that natural for children is always noted to be unpredictable. Mother is always a mother who cannot think of answering the first question but still proceeds to the next question. 

Thus I took my children to school and leave them there and came back after couple of hours to fetch them. When on our way home I asked them what were the activities in school that day and as a routine they narrated everything to me. But in the course of the interaction between them I could see that they are not happy. The attitude and behavior that they showed to me denotes a big question mark. When everything was narrated to me the last line that they told me is about their teacher. They told me that their teacher did not even bring up the topic about the trouble the previous day. Everybody was been treated as nothing happens.

 Unfortunately the following day my children hesitate to go to school. They were crying on high pitch mark and even if I will tell them that I will give them punishment they heartily agree to take punishment. On that certain day they were marked absent from their school. I am being a mother whose heart was so fragile give time to my children to give a break hoping that everything would be on that day only. Sad to say it happens the next day then the next day until it last for a week and then to months. I was totally heartbroken about what happened. It took me time to accept it. I tried my very best to manage what happened so that I could find an alternate solution which could help my children not hate to go further schooling again. Their supposedly first year of schooling on their lives should create a positive impact but for me it makes a stigma to my children. 

After a year staying at home, my children were able to cope up hating preschool together with our guidance, perseverance and endless prayers. I was so thankful that I was able to look for alternatives even though I have to sacrifice things and spend too much. We need to move to the city so that my children could start all over again. They've been to preschool wherein they have to stay on different schools, with different set of classmate. It is very hard to my part being the one responsible in sending and fetching them at school but it needs to be done this way so that they could pursue their schooling and obtain a degree which they could boast their confidence when they need to stay on their own and making me proud as a mother and being a parent.

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