Saturday, 28 May 2011

Love or Lust

Love is patient and kind. It is happy with the Truth. Every time I think about it I can’t keep thinking why so many broken families, unwanted pregnancies, abortion and drug addicts exist in our society? Well, is it the result of love?

There were so many instances that keep pondering on my mind how these situations have been triggered. One is unfaithfulness or infidelity. We’ve noticed that anywhere we go we can see men or women who’ve been apart from their partners could have been involved with someone else. And if we are going to ask each one of them why and who started with this unfaithfulness both will blame each other. We really don’t know who is telling the truth. But for some they will say that they met the right man or woman. If you are married are you still telling that you’ve met the right one for you? This is stupidity. Why did I say these? It is because that how can you be married with someone else but still you’re still longing for another one. Anyway, we can’t blame that there are some who get married because for security reason especially with regards to financial aspect.

Even though it is somewhat like that but we can’t deny the fact that there were some who was giving motives and took the opportunity to know one’s weakness even though it’s means ruining one’s friendship. But why? It is because of one’s personal interest.

If one is having an affair such as a married man to unmarried woman or vice versa or both of them were married, is that what you call love? For me it wasn’t, because love for me is respecting and loving your partner until the last breathe of your life. Even though how strong the temptation is but still we have faith and love within ourselves and to our partners then we can resist the temptation. What can you say then, is it love or lust?

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